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Glitz and Glam Balloon Bunting


Monochrome Tassel Garland

Glitz and Glam Tassel Tail Balloon Trio

Quick Overview

This stunning trio of 3 large coordinating balloons and is sent out with 1 Large, 1 Short and 1 Mini Tassel Tail.

The balloons are available in either all Black or with the addition of a Confetti balloon.

The handmade tails are made up of beautiful Black, Oatmeal, Silver and Gold tassels.

This giant balloon trio is sent flat-pack, ready to be <i> inflated by you</i> for any special occasion!

Note: If selected, use the mini tassel on the confetti balloon as the larger tassels may reduce the float time. 


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Glitz and Glam Tassel Tail Balloon Trio

The balloons are supplied flat packed ready to be filled with helium by you.

Canisters of helium are available as an add on for £70. To inflate all 3 giant balloons, you require both the F30 and F50 canisters and the balloons are expected to float for 3-5 days. If you wish your balloons to last longer, you can treat them with Hi-Float which is available to add onto your purchase.

For inflation, our recommendation would be to have a tape measure, get 2 chairs and measure a space of 70cms between the 2 chairs. Blow the balloon up with the helium in between the 2 chairs until it is touching each chair and then you will know it is filled to exactly the right size to hold the weight of the tail.

The balloon is 70cms when inflated, and the tassel tails are 0.5m, 1m and 2m long approximately.

The balloons are made from excellent quality latex - the balloon choice of professionals.