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  1. Hi-Float

    This kit contains enough HI-FLOAT to treat 100 11" balloons, includes pump dispenser and detailed instruction sheet. Ultra HI-FLOAT is an aqueous solution containing a special water-soluable plastic. It dries inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating that helps hold in helium increasing float times by upto 25 times!
  2. Metallic Ribbon Cop

    Arrange your balloons into the perfect bunch! Colour: Silver or Gold Quantity: 1 Cop Ribbon Length: 15m Ribbon Width: 5mm Type: Metallic
  3. Star Weight

    The Bubblegum Star weights hold approx 8 x 11" balloons.

    Weigh 3.9oz (110g)

  4. Sparkle Bangle Weights

    A pack of 12 sparkly bangle balloon weights, perfect for our 11" balloon packs.
  5. Dual-Action Balloon Pump

    This dual-action pump is great for air-filling large quantities of balloons easily and efficiently. The nozzle has a tapered end for ease of inflation, even for the 5'' mini balloons.
  6. Tissue Paper pack of 10 sheets

    High quality tissue paper available in an array of gorgeous colours. Each pack contains 10 sheets and is perfect for crafting or DIY decorations.
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6 Item(s)